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Tweet_TownIf you are new on twitter here are some tips of the trade… Following these tips will help you get follower and not twiss people off

  • Be honest. Have fun. Don’t try to sell anything.
  • be funny, informative and catchy: choose two.
  • Twitter about stuff that has to do with your blog, but also Twitter stuff that has nothing to do with your blog.
  • Share links, share ideas, ask questions, answer questions — anything but “what are you doing?” unless it’s really interesting
  • Get active and follow others. Great tool for tossing around ideas.
  • Join the conversation, there are too many blog promoters on twitter who just broadcast. Learn @ and start networking 🙂
  • Write each word like it matters, because it does.
  • share trends, things that are new or timely/current. Be personal. Don’t link only to yourself.
  • share interesting resources, not just what you ate for lunch. Twitter often, and use it to test potential blog topics.
  • No cat anecdotes! (a short tale narrating an interesting or amusing biographical incident)
  • make use of other Twitter tools to make the most of Twitter (and so it doesn’t suck up all your time)
  • Efficient is the key to Twitter…. short & sweet. Basically, get right to the point.
  • Respect the people you follow. Be interesting. Listen first, tweat second. Don’t waste words.
  • The #1 thing to help me has been the use of a desktop client. Without “twhirl” I would’ve given up long ago.
  • Frequent Twitter updates demand desktop clients: Snitter, twhirl, and Twitterific all bear mentioning.
  • This often goes unsaid, but I would suggest not having twitter/twitterific open while writing. It can become very distracting.
  • As far as getting followers goes; I find just being friendly and helpful does wonders. And of course shared interests help to.
  • Don’t follow more people than you can handle. If you’ve got too much going on, you miss a lot of the good stuff.
  • Keep your Twitter updated and the followers will come. Stay up-to-date and you will reep the benefits.
  • stop thinking that twitter is pointless and just try it. It’s all about community – reach out and be a part of it.
  • contribute positively to conversations going on inside twitter
  • interact and communicate with others – it’s a social media tool, so be social
  • Share thoughts more than actions
  • Look beyond the obvious (traffic, sales etc.) Add value. Build relationships. Think LONG term.
  • Learn what people care about. I got a glowing link from RSS inventor Dave Winer my first week of active twittering.
  • Use twitterfeed. Instant feedback from readers is the best part of Twitter. Listen to others; engage them; have a conversation.
  • if you are using WordPress use twittertool
  • Think before you hit send. 140 characters have the power to help, heal or be miss-understood.
  • use an username as short as possible so you can tweet more
  • My tip: “Keep it short” 😉
  • add good description and link for something that would be too short in a post
  • make a good weekly post describing all the twitter for the previous week
  • Probably look at blip.fm, Im sure its going to overtake twitter, as its more feature rich.

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Here a funny vid I wanted to share with my tweet peeps.

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What is the best time to Tweet to get the widest Readership? Why is timing of Tweets important on Twitter? When it comes to Twitter, timing is highly relevant. Both the Twitter homepage and Tweetdeck are scrolling screens and those Tweets ending up at the bottom of a recipients message page are less likely to be read than those at the top. Reasoning, thus, suggests that for the widest possible readership it would be best to Tweet when the maximum number of Tweeters are logging in to Tweet themselves. But when is that?


Tweet O’ Clock which was designed to compute the best time to Tweet an individual friend i.e. the time that they most frequently Tweet themselves. It struck me that it would be fun and perhaps useful to conduct a snapshot experiment to determine the most poular Tweet times for the general Twitter population.

The Most Poular Time of day to Tweet

The most popular time of the day to Tweet was lunch time between 12 and 1 O’Clock ( 30% of total Tweets) 5 out of 6 Tweeters who Tweeted between 12 and 1 O’ Clock were men Other popular times to Tweet were between 3 and 5PM (20% total Tweets) and 9and 11PM (25% total Tweets) · 10% of total Tweets were between 9 and 11 am · Only women Tweeted in the early hours 12AM -5AM (15% total Tweets) Most Popular day of week/time combinations.

There were three most popular day of week/time combinations to Tweet each which accounted for 10% of total Tweets these were: Wednesday 12PM Tuesday 1PM Tuesday 9PM. Can it be concluded that these would be the best times to Tweet for maximum readership in all cases? It is unlikely. Is it possible that those chosen based on other search terms might show different trends? Absolutely. Is it possible, too, that those from different countries might show different Tweeting patterns and trends based on a variant lifestyle?

Tweet timing is a factor which you should consider might impact heavily on your own effectiveness on Twitter, I strongly suggest that you conduct an experiment on a sample of your own Twitter follower…

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Now, Twitter tools can find followers in your niche, like Twitseeker.

To start, you can either choose between tweets or profile.

If you’re looking for experts or hobbyists in your niche, then you might want to click ‘profile’. If you’re looking for people who just might have an interest in your niche, then click ‘tweets’.

Then enter your Twitter id, enter your niche’s search terms or keywords, then click ‘SEEK’.

Twitseeker goes to work and finds all of the latest tweets or profiles that include your niche’s search terms in it.

If the niche, for example is cats, then Twitseeker goes to work and returns all of those who either tweeted or put that word in their profile.

This tool is great for finding large numbers of followers in your niche and beginning to communicating with them.

Once found, you’ll then be given the option to follow all those whom you’re not following already. The tool tells you whom in this niche that you’re already following.

After following them, many people see it as etiquette to follow you right back.

View Twitseeker at http://twitseeker.com.

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Top Twitter Applications Stats

Tweet_Town Check out the Monthly visits to these must have Twitter Apps

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What are your thought? Is this twitter vid Twitterrific or Twack?

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