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As if you didn’t already know, Tweet Town is dedicated to helping all tweeples in finding good apps to help in there day to day lives.

To make your twitter experience all it can be and to use it for the great tool it is, I thought I would include 10 of the must have twitter Home Based Business tools you should be using in your home based business.

home based business

  1. twhirl has become my twitter client of choice. It is cross platform so you can use it on either a windoze box or on the Mac OS. It has some great features and I would encourage you to go to the link to see what all it can do.
  2. twitterfeed is another one of those little extras you can use. Use twitterfeed to send most recent blog post to your twitter account. By using twitterfeed, whenever you do a new post, it will show up in my twitter conversation and you don’t have to do anything. There are plugins you can use with WordPress to accomplish this too.
  3. twitpic lest you share photos on twitter. You can post pictures to twitpic from your phone and most of the twitter clients have built-in support for it too.
  4. Tweet Scan gives you the ability to follow conversations that might mention keywords you want to watch. Use it to follow your own name and other keywords you want to keep track of. It is one of those tools that should be used by companies to follow what is being said on twitter about them.
  5. tweetAhead (under construction)can be used to set tweets to post in the future. You can use this if you are doing a special promotion of a new idea, product or just want to make your appearance. (Under Construction)
  6. My Tweeple can be used to make informed decisions when it comes to following people on twitter. You can use it to see who is following you and who you are following. And with a simple click, you can follow, unfollow, or block people all in one place.
  7. Quotably is another way to follow the twitter conversations. What I do like about this service is that it puts the conversations in what appears to be threads.
  8. tweetlater is one of those twitter tools that actually has a couple of great uses. Use it to send a direct message to all my new followers. Whenever anyone follows me, it is set to send them a message welcoming them. You can also use it to send out tweets in the future too.
  9. twitthis is an easy way for you to send twitter messages about your blog post or Web site. You can also use it to post what you are reading to twitter and what you might be listening to or watching on the web. twitthis is a great way to give something back to twitter.
  10. is.gd is a service that shortens URLS, which I actually better than tinyURL. Use it with twitter when I just want to add a URL your my tweet. This is also built into twhirl, however I have found is.gd works better in my opinion.

There are tons more twitter tools out there and I know I only scratched the surface. If you are using a twitter tool not on this list that you feel is a must have, leave a comment here so we can all share.

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Can Twitter help you get a JOB?

The sudden increased popularity of twitter and social media in general has created a new avenue of looking for jobs-with the millions of people using twitter and talking about everything it was only a matter of time until this medium could be used for employment.

You can use twitter search to look for jobs but you have to poke around with keywords and it’s more of a hit and miss way of finding something.

Two new services just recently launched that hope to assist job seekers find employment- TweetmyJobs.com and TwitterJobSearch.com


TweetmyJobs.com is a new service that hopes to bring recruiters, hiring managers and job seeks together on twitter.

You use your twitter account to subscribe to TweetmyJobs job channels by the city and job type you want to follow then you begin receiving job notifications on your cell phone. If you don’t have a cell phone or a unlimited text messaging plan you can still view the listings on the site. From reading thru the site the ability to receive notifications of new jobs immediately on your cell phone is what sets the site apart from others. In addition if the job opening has been created as a results of the recently passes stimulus package it will be identified as a stimulus job.

twitter job search

TwitterJobSearch.com launched this week it’s the first job search engine that exclusively uses Twitter. The site allows you to search for job listings by keyword, location or names. The site also offers additional intelligence when searching for positions.

“We use semantic tools to look at what was said. We then look at what they’ve said before. We then look at who was saying it. If we do this right, we can then figure out why they’re saying anything at all.”

From the search you can choose to view the job, retweet the job to your followers or follow the poster Jobs are constantly posted to Twitter and there are even twitter accounts dedicated to listing jobs such as- @chicagowebjobs, @chicagotechjobs, @jobshawaii, @sdjobs, @jobangels, @dailycareertips . One of the many I follow is @seojobs .They have 1,967 followers and have posted 5,621 updates or in this case unique jobs all SEO related.

Searching for jobs on twitter is similar to searching for jobs on Linkedin but twitter has several advantages over Linkedin in my opinion.

On Linkedin you create a profile and then use the service to search for jobs or other business contacts. For example you find a position your interested in (1) you see who the hiring manager is, (2) who they are connected to and (3) if you have any connections in common or can reach out to someone who can connect you with someone within the organization.

Linkedin is not realtime and sometimes people will simply ignore your requests to connect or for information. If they do not know you or recognize your name or organization chances are you get ignored. You can link to your website if you have one or other online work you may have but the interaction is mostly one sided and mostly thru email unless someone chooses to call you Twitter has the advantage of realtime communication (potentially) and the opportunity for a potential hiring manager to view not only your work if available but your persona and how you interact with others.Social networking both offline and online has become very important in evaluating candidates for careers both in and outside of tech.

Twitter also gives you the ability to shine-

For example: your last position was selling enterprise hardware solutions. You can add value by tweeting interesting insight into how and why you were successful or new and notable information relating to this field. find #hashtags that relate to your topics and start participating in the conversation and following those with similar interests and backgrounds.

It’s also ok to say your eating lunch with friends or enjoying happy hour because it’s who you are but if your like others who use twitter as a venting mechanism or a place to post endless party pictures you could be making a mistake.

Another advantage to looking for jobs on twitter is it shows you get it- you get technology, social media and how it can apply to the real world. When your looking for a job you use every tool you can find to help in the process if you are already using twitter or considering using twitter and looking for a job using sites like these should be a no brainer..

tweet town


Twitter has already become an integral part of many of our online experiences. And, as the volume of users rise, so does the number of third party sites, tools, and services that all serve to make Twitter more dynamic, meaningful, and useful.

A lot of them, such as Ping.fm and Tweetdeck, are probably familiar to most of us. Others, like TwitHire and Twubble, not so much. Sifting through it all can be a challenge. So, to help make things easier, I’ve searched the Web, combed through the blogosphere, and rummaged through my del.icio.us bookmarks to sort and list some of the best Twitter sites and services the Net has to offer. This is by no means a definitive list, but I think it’ll serve us bloggers, Internet marketers, entrepreneurs, and social media junkies well.

I’m sure there are some good, and probably a few essential, services that I forgot to mention. If you know of one I missed, perhaps one you’re using, please let us know in the comments section.

Contact Management

TweetBeep – Google Alerts meets Twitter. Great service that notifies you whenever your name (or any other word you specify) is mentioned. Use it to catch @replies that might have been missed, for reputation management, or customer support (you’d be surprised how many people vent their frustrations on Twitter).

GroupTweet – Great tool to use if you want to send public tweets simultaneously but only to a select group of people. For instance: sending notifications to your web development team or special updates to members of your family.

DoesFollow? – Find out if who if the person you’re following is following you back.

FriendOrFollow – Gives you breakdown of a) those you follow who do the same, and b) a list of those you don’t follow but follow you.

Tweet2Tweet – Allows you to view a conversation in a much easier fashion.

Time Savers, To-Do’s, and Productivity

Tweet Later – An essential service for many Twitter users. This site is all about automation. With Tweet Later, you can automatically 1) send ‘thank you’ and welcome messages to new followers, 2) “return-follow” your new followers and 3) schedule tweets to be delivered at a specified time in the future.

Remember the Milk – The popular task management service now has Twitter integration to let you manage and create tasks right from Twitter. Notification and task reminders can also be setup to be delivered.

TwitterCal – If Google is your calendar of choice, take a look at this site which lets you add entries just by sending tweets.

iTwitter – An application that integrates with your iGoogle homepage.